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How a cat drinks

You’ve seen your pet at the water bowl, but did you ever wonder how the water actually reaches its mouth?

A Look at Laps

When a dog drinks — or laps — he uses his tongue like a big spoon to scoop up water. Cats have their own style. Research shows a cat’s tongue skims the water’s surface.

A Feline Physics Lesson

When a cat’s tongue touches the top of the water, the movement creates a force that pulls the water up. Gravity tries to pull that water back down again, which creates a column of water. The cat closes its mouth just in time to gulp the water column.

Catch a Tiger by the Tongue

Cats do everything with their own sense of time and grace, including drinking. Research revealed they lap at the right speed to maximize the amount of liquid they drink. In fact, because of size differences, domestic cats log almost four laps a second, while lions and tigers take less than two laps a second.


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